Journeys 2 The Center of The Soul


Our end was clearer than ya slippers
And midnight was coming
Nothing like Grandma humming
As we outlived the summer
But something overwhelmed it’s welcome
You and Me seldom overlook squabbles of mice and cats
We forth and back about who did what
And when was that
My Black Princess
I can’t leave you melting when the oven’s on
One year ago
We was together like skin and bones
But when in roam
They say burn down a haunted home
We wrong together
But does it help to be left alone
Like two trees in a burned forest
Hogging selfish grounds
Roots choked at the boots
Hanging like strange fruit
Poisoned ears from darted words
Sound off a two gun salute
Medicated highs and teary eyes
From long nighted cries
I can tell from yo sighs you ain’t feeling this
The same hard ass cake and shit
We ate our bellies full
But I can’t say I don’t love you
From yo crust to yo drool
Two destined fools riding cool in pumpkin carriages
Cruising through broken marriages
But never disparaged from piecing Humpty up
Who gonna help live up the fairytale?
Who else but us
Who else I trust but my God and my lust
I can’t let you slip away this time
My Cinderella love

Donald A.C. Conley


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