5 Favorite Screen Moms

Hello all.  So in lue of this year’s Mothers’ Day celebration, I’m going to give a shout out to my five favorite on-screen mothers of all time.  Of course no one can take the place of my real mother but these women did the job when Mommy was at work.  So heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere we go:

5)  Diane Freeling (Poltergeist)
Played by actress JoBeth Williams, Diane Freeling had three beautiful children, one of which was physically trapped inside the family television set.  Freaky right?  Well amidst all of the ghouls, ghosts, and ghastly visions the family ex
perienced during their stay in the new home, Mrs
. Freeling refused to leave without nabbing her daughter from “the other side.”  Yeah my mother wouldn’t take that shit either.
4)  Sarah Connor (Terminator 2: Judgement Day)
Simply because she was played by actress Linda Hamilton and she was fucking awesome.  So awesome that Arnold decided not to bother her the second time around and opted to be an ally.  So awesome that she gives birth to the saviour o
f the New World.  So awesome that she’ll put a cap in that ass.
3)  Ms. Payne (Martin sitcom)
This may be the only mother on my list played by a male but she was one bad mother that didn’t take no shit.  Played by Martin Lawrence, Ms. Payne threw tantrums, offered threats, fainted, cracked people over the head with bot
tles, all the while being a religious freak.  And you know what…she loved her Martin.  So ya bets to watch that blade in her purse.
2)  Mrs. Gump (Forrest Gump)
Played by actress Sally Field, Mrs. Gump may have gotten her freak on but she tried her damndest to make Forrest feel good about himself.  Mrs. Gump represents for all of the Mama’s Boys out there, me included.  She advoc
ated good education and helped her son live beyond his limitations.  Such an amazing mother.
1)  Claire Huxtable (The Cosby Show sitcom)
Come on everyone.  You knew I was going to do it.  I don’t think there is a young Black male in America that has not been influenced by Mrs. Huxtable one way or another.  Played by the amazing Felicia Rashad, Mrs. Huxtable was intelligent, successful, strict, playful, exciting, engaging, delightful, and oh yes…sexy as hell!  H
ow Cliff pulled that, I don’t even think he knows.  She was my mother when the real Mrs. Conley was on her way home from work.  She possessed every quality a great mother and perfect wife should have.  Pure elegance and finesse.  I give her an Italian kiss of the fingers.

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