I’M BLACK!!! Ooops. I mean’t I’m back, and Black also. While I have left you all hanging, drooling for another post, I had done some traveling, screening, and soul searching. First and foremost, I must apologize for my absence, in which some other soul with much on his or her heart has probably stolen your attention away. Let’s go through the history of my demise shall I say.

The decline in Meekley updates all began in the month of May. I moved from my horrible existence in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn to the Crown Heights section during the month of April. After my much desired migration, I lost full access to the cyber world. Albeit to say, I was also affected by the plague of unemployment that ran rampant in the United States of America this entire year. As a result of such, I was unable to afford an internet bill, leaving me with the one option of taking my circus of posts on the road. Whenever I could post my thoughts, I did.

Fast forward to the month of May and I was smitten with my acceptance into the Black Hollywood Film Festival for my short film, Underbelly. The need to fully prepare for the LA screening crept up on me like the 2nd Coming. I had to arrange for new business cards, one sheets, DVD’s, etc. This took an enormous amount of time out of my jobless days, leaving me with only a few hours to myself in my empty new home. Off to LA I went and networked with quite a few aspiring Black filmmakers. The experience was enjoyable, yet not fully enthralling. I’ll explain in another post. This is simply my letter of apology. I made my last post in LA, then came home to more days void of income and internet access.

Fast forward to the end of June and I finally get both, a job and the internet. Again, I failed to speak through Meekley due to my acceptance into another festival. It was the New York International Latino Film Festival this time around and I loved it! Great films, drinks, women…ahem. With that and my new job, the New York Film Academy :-(, I failed to put Meekley first and for that, I am sorry. I did some soul searching and researching of the game. Even with the recent success of Donald Glover, a young Black comedian from NYU class of a year or two ahead of me but making much more than me, I have come to understand that we all have our own destinies. A good friend once told me that I had to run my own race. With that said, I’m in the process of re-drafting my feature, plotting out a second feature screenplay, pre-writing another short film I WILL shoot next year, and will continue to do my stupid on-line comedic videos. How do you like them apples baby?!

-Donald A.C. Conley


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