So James Cameron’s Avatar has been the talk of the industry town for the past week due to the trailer release. I have to admit that the film looks amazing. Avatar is being heralded as the greatest high definition achievement in film thus far. The graphics are unbelievable.

Now, I must say that I am sort of disappointed because I heard of the Avatar making some time ago and I got excited because it is one of the greatest cartoons ever. The problem is that the film isn’t a take on the cartoon. It is Cameron’s vision from years ago, before the industry had the means to accomplish such a feat. I wanted to see the great battle between the water and fire nations. I want that little Asian kid with the arrow on his head. I may have to boycott the film, although I’d be an asshole for doing so. Of course I’m always late so no apologies. Here is the trailer. In HD.


One comment

  1. dave yim · August 26, 2009

    Sexy blue cat people. That's enough for me.

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