Caribbean Folk Get Down

CARNIVAL!!! And it’s crazy! So I’m going to give you the run down from my experience. So, Monday, which was Labor Day, led in New York City’s largest parade, which just so happens to be in celebration of Caribbean culture. It was the highly recognized West Indian Day Parade and there could have possibly been nearly a million people hugging one long stretch of a boulevard.

Of course the parade goes on long enough for me to awake at 1pm, eat, shower, nap again, and make my way over to Eastern Parkway at 3:30pm. As I mosey along, appropriately sporting my plaid shorts, black V-neck tee, and a black safari hat, I notice a young lady with both butt cheeks hanging under her skirt walking beyond by about two blocks. What do I do? No, not exploit the situation with my South Chicago “G.” I catch up only to spend the rest of the walk watching her cheeks happily bounce to her rhythm. She and friend, whom I don’t remember, lead the way to the randomly crowded parade grounds. People on the sidewalks, street, cars, blockades, hanging out of windows, strollers, and especially on top of each other, most of which representing their country of origin with their respective flags.

Catching my instant high from the weed smoke contact, I continued on, even behest of the breaking news reporting gun shots an hour previous to my arrival. Hey, a large ass group of Black people from different walks of life, I was prepared. Taking my stride along the walk, pushing over old ladies and little kids for a good position, and shaking my heiny to the lively sounds of Soca, Reggae, and Calypso became the thing to do for the next however long my legs could take it. When it came down to meet my comrades, the iPhone and AT&T network let me down. It’s like a classic irony. Possibly the best phone on the market became the only phone not to work on the Parkway. Little girls on flip Nokia’s were chomping their gums about what guys were looking like what and should they hop the gates and I was left talking to my lonesome self. Were all iPhone consumers experiencing the same thing?

No matter. The one hour that I was on the parade grounds was enough to knock me out for the rest of the day. Yes, one hour. I couldn’t take much more celebration past that. So my point is I want a parade scene in one of my future films. I don’t even have a concept yet, but I know there will be a parade at some point. The costume assortments, beautiful women, hilarious men failing at their attempts to seduce the beautiful women, music, good spirits, and food melded to create one amazing Pan African festivity. I finished the day with some homemade fajitas and a good time with delightful friends from school.


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