Film Connoisseur: Battle Royale

So a good friend of mine is really worked up about his film festival submissions, although he would never admit it. I honestly think his film has a great future ahead of itself. I won’t mention the title because I don’t like to jinx people but his film poses the question, “What would you do?”

So going along with that, I’m posting about one of the best films I’ve ever seen that asks the same question. Battle Royale, 2000, is about a post modern Japanese nation that has become disillusioned with its youth. As a punitive action, the government chooses one class of high school students every year to battle each other til the death on an isolated island. Imagine growing up with a group of kids that you consider to be your friends and being forced into a situation where you have three days to kill them all or you face death yourself. Crazy dilemma right? The story came from a very controversial book in Asia. Besides the amazing action sequences, the intensity escalates in such an ingenious cinematic fashion. I LOVE IT!!! Check out the trailer below and do not fail at searching for this treat.


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