Decade of Chances

Lucas Cruikshank’s story is interesting. Although he is not the first individual to garner success from taking advantage of social media, he is definitely receiving a large nod by being publicized in one of the nation’s leading news outlets in print, the New York Times. Cruikshank was covered in the December 7th issue for receiving his very own Hollywood movie based upon a character he created at the age of 16, a tantrum throwing 6 year old named Fred Figglehorn. Cruikshank created numerous videos for Youtube where little Figglehorn rants about non-sense, declares his hopes of having a music career, and actually landing people that took interest in shooting the music videos for him. Each of Cruikshank’s videos are sped up to warp his voice, giving him the effect of sounding like a chipmunk. Me personally, I think people in this country are too enthused and moved by non-charismatic trash, but hey, this guy had a hustle at 16 that landed him a movie deal. Im won’t hate on that. The film, currently being produced by United Talent Agency, will be called Fred: The Movie and Hollywood is anxious to see if Fred can carry a whole movie and if in fact, this was even a good idea to begin with. If the film is a success then at least one positive thing will hold up; the new decade will bring about many opportunities for the little people with big dreams to become entrepreneurs with little to no resources and humongous heart.

Hollywood in recent years has raced to mine the Internet for raw talent capable of crossing over to traditional platforms like movies and television, the places where the real money is still made. Those efforts have largely failed. Another pair of YouTube sensations, Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi, tried with “Ryan and Sean’s Not So Excellent Adventure” last year, for instance, but it never took off. What works on the Web — rough-edged intimacy, quick bites — just doesn’t seem to translate onto bigger screens.

But the director-producer Brian Robbins (“Norbit,” “Varsity Blues”), United Talent Agency and a management company called the Collective are giving it a go with Mr. Cruikshank. “Fred: The Movie,” written by David A. Goodman, an executive producer of “Family Guy,” started filming in November for a 2010 release. Pixie Lott, a budding British singer and actress, is the co-star.

Giving the project more credibility than similar attempts to translate Web characters to the big screen is Mr. Cruikshank’s growing celebrity. “It’s Hackin’ Christmas With Fred,” a new collection of Christmas songs, has been a strong seller on iTunes, and specialty retailers have been quick to stock a line of Fred merchandise: T-shirts, backpacks, stickers.
Article written by Brooks Barnes for the NY Times

Here are some of Fred Figglehorn’s videos starring Lucas Cruikshank. Tell me if you find it funny. I don’t. I find it talentless and annoying.

So with that shown, I must say that….I want “In Living Color” back. Now that was funny and whoever can create another predominantly Black cast sketch comedy show that’s smart and actually well written for Network television will cash in like Stan Lathan. Have the executives not learned from the success of the “Chappelle Show”? We’re hungry to see us being funny people and not funny coons.


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