New Cudi Vid

Some people are calling the video to Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” dull and uneventful. Be that as it may, the technicalities of it sparks quite a bit of interest. I’m not an editing techie but my boy Keith Davis enlightened us young bloods about certain editing techniques to mix live action and altered frame rates in the same shot. The first time I saw this effect was in Menace 2 Society but that was done physically on set. Just something of interest. Carry on.



  1. Liligi · December 15, 2009

    Hmm… Ok, buddy. I need you to explain that technicality to me. Because I LOOOVED this song before I saw this video. At first glance it looks pretty simple and uneventful to me, too.

    How do we accomplish…. ionno.. .whateva it is you talkin bout? Maybe that’ll make me see the vid with brand new eyes.

    • dconley · December 16, 2009

      The editing effect that allows Cudi to move at a normal 24 frames while the rest of the frame moves at a higher rate.

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