Haitian Earthquake

A category 7.0 earthquake hit the Haitian island yesterday, destroying much of Port Au Prince and its surrounding communities. This is a devastating blow to the impoverished nation. Numbers have not been officially reported but thousands of lives may have been claimed by the natural disaster. Many countries, including the United States, have stepped up to the plate and pledged financial, physical, and spiritual support for the victims of the occurrence. I am devastated by this news considering I have many good Haitian friends and also, the inhabitants of Haiti are my people as well. I can’t explain further. I’ll let the pictures and video speak for themselves.

Please keep your eyes and ears to whatever media outlet you can, except Fox News. Keep check on NBC, CNN.com, MSNBC, print sources, twitter, facebook, word of mouth, etc. There are many donation organizations available to help the effort. I personally chose Wyclef Jean’s organization by texting the word “YELE” to 501-501. That is a $5 donation per text. Stay in the know.


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