Soderberg Talks Che

I noticed that Netflix has Che for instant screening online. My weekend goal is to get more writing done, and to also watch Che directed by Steven Soderberg. Before doing so, I caught up on Keith’s blog and viewed a video that included Soderberg and a few technicians talking about how they used the RED camera to get the look that Soderberg wanted. Che is one of the first features to be shot entirely with the RED. The RED is known for its intense sentivity towards sunlight. This video is definitely a great source for editors and DP’s, but I also find it particularly expressive about the importance of “choice” as a filmmaker. Check it out.


One comment

  1. Robert Tolson · February 24, 2010

    I found the movie to be rather incredible. The camera work the direct and the overall telling of the story left me satisfied. Any thoughts on the movie?

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