The Bi-deology Project

My homegirl, writer/filmmaker Arielle Loren, has been making strides with part one of her on-going documentary The Bi-deology Project. The film is about women’s perspectives on romantic interactions with bi-sexual men. Arielle does not focus on men that are hiding their sexuality but rather men that are openly interested in romantic relationships with both women as well as other men. You can check out Part One to Arielle’s film HERE.

Recently, Arielle has received coverage about her experiences with the documentary from TheRoot online. Arielle speaks about an experience from her past that fueled an interest in exploring the topic of bi-sexual men that led to an investment in The Bi-deology Project. Here is an excerpt from the article written by Lynette Holloway:

TR: So you talked to 30 people to reach the conclusion that straight women are deciding to date openly bisexual men? Were they all in New York? And how big of a trend is it?

AL ”The Bi-deology Project” was not intended to be a scientific research study. I created the series to form a discourse surrounding an issue that is being neglected within heterosexual relationships. [The participants] are all over the country, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Oklahoma and various states. It’s actually pretty diverse in terms of where they are coming from. I talked to women of all races [and] of different socioeconomic groups. I want to be careful with calling it a trend because I think trends are temporary. I think this has been going on for centuries. The truth of the matter is that bisexuality among men is still not that widely accepted. There are a lot of men who might be reluctant [to admit being bisexual]. I’m not sure we can ever get accurate numbers about what their preferences are.

TR: Do all of these women and men practice safe sex?

AL: Yes. Yes, they do.

TR: Given the backlash against ”down-low” men, do you think this practice of women dating bisexual men is widely accepted? And aren’t down-low men essentially bisexual?

AL: I’m not making ”The Bi-deology Project” to convince women to date bisexual men. The purpose is to create a discourse. There may be women who view the project and see these different women and experiences and decide it’s not for them. There might be other women who will be like, ‘Whoa I never thought about it that way. Maybe I might try it.’ But I do want to caution against equating bisexual men with down-low men. They are distinct from men who are being secretive. I don’t necessarily think they are the same.

Down-low men are secretive. They don’t want to discuss that they are sleeping with other men and women. Bisexual men–some of them are open. Some of them will tell you, ‘I sleep with men, but I’m also interested in engaging in a relationship with a woman or I want to date a man seriously.’ It is unfair to put the stamp of the DL bisexual man on all bisexual men . . . . I don’t think that’s an accurate depiction of what male bisexuality is.

Visit here to read the entire article. Holloway writes an exceptional piece as Arielle describes the discoveries she has made about sexuality, preference, and health. Please check out Part One of The Bi-deology Project directed by Arielle Loren. This is a great topic and Arielle has authored a highly interesting film.


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