Al Thompson in the Wall Street Journal

A big shout out to Al Thompson and the ValDean Entertainment crew for the continued success of their web-series, Johnny B. Homeless. I guess it’s safe to say that Al’s web-series was picked up by, a division of Viacom’s MTV networks. Johnny B. Homeless follows the experiences of a professional couch surfer as he crashes with different associates each episode. has purchased all nine episodes of the comedy and has also committed themselves to an entire second season. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Homeless” follows Johnny (played by Thompson) as he wakes up in a different place each morning, “Quantum Leap”-style, not knowing where he is and having to reconstruct the (often drunken) night before. The series will feature “SNL” star Kenan Thompson, who plays Johnny’s squatter nemesis, and, in the second season, “The Blind Side’s” Quentin Aaron.

The Harlem-raised Thompson, who is also in talks to distribute his second Web series, a drama called “Lenox Avenue,” wrote “Johnny B. Homeless” to expand his options as an actor, especially as a black actor.

written by Aymar Jean Christian for The Wall Street Journal

Read the article in its entirety at the online site for The Wall Street Journal. Check out the Johnny B. Homeless promotional trailer below.


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