Psychology of Screenwriting

This isn’t a post detailing an assortment of personalities that makes for a three dimensional character. I just actually think I’m going crazy. Taking a break from writing one of many stories on the platter. My brain is kicking my ass. What are the obvious benefits of writing multiple scripts at once? You’ll definitely cover more ground in a shorter amount of time…maybe. It is testing the limits of one’s self. Setting a realistic deadline for a healthy goal of multiple complete scripts. When you speak with others on your resume, it sounds way more productive to say that you have this dramatic script and that comedic script and maybe even an original sitcom that you are prepared to develop. That sounds awesome and it is if done correctly.

What’s the catch 22? There are people out in the real world that have this simple view of writing stories. You just think of a handful of characters and you make them do things or accomplish things. That’s part of it but when talking about the psychology of these characters, well now we’re in a different ball game. The screenwright is literally playing God. An interesting development has recently occurred to me. You might say this is obvious and it is, but it still feels like a scientific miracle. My twelve year old nephew friended me on Facebook a few months ago. Every so often, I’d check up on his page to see if he was still civilized and come to find out, this kid has his own personality. Now, go ahead and “duh” me. It is still totally endearing. I remember the day he was born and for years, this kid was a toddler totally dependent on his family. He was a stubborn little creature but I attributed that to all kids not wanting to listen. Today, I see him on Facebook and he is actually funny. He responds to his friends and shares his opinions on the day’s most imperative news…Trey Songz freak dancing at a concert. This Facebook character isn’t my nephew when he is around me. He isn’t the nephew that I always thought I knew. He’s a real person fit for real ass conversations.

That made me think about all of the little characters that I have to create. I give birth to these characters and in about 90 something odd pages, those same characters have to grow up. They are no longer me. Just extensions of my values and beliefs. I am becoming schizophrenic. One day, I’m a dispirited youth who feels he’s been robbed of the only valuable relationship he’s had. The next day, I’m a young man that has trapped himself in boredom because he fears the possibility of failing at his dream. After that, I’m a middle-aged woman that feels she has one last chance to change her life and will put her employees through hell to make it. I’m a passionate father that is at risk of gambling his life away, family included. I’m a bi-polar mother that will risk financial ruin to cement the memory of her lost son. I’m a gym manager that has failed at everything else. I’m a mute kid that will only speak through a ventriloquist dummy. Deeper than that, each of these people are from different stories that compromise hours of each day. Even deeper than that, these people must make their own choices and cannot completely know the thoughts of the others. Even though I’m God, my writing must suggest that everyone is having the damnedest time trying to understand each other. I know how it ends but I can’t write like I know how it ends. Ultimately, I have to discover something new about myself and about the script that I didn’t know would come out through this process.

I guess I’m writing all of this to say…I’M LOSING MY MIND! LoL.


One comment

  1. Liligi · May 6, 2011

    No ur not….. ur gaining yer mind…………………………. bout time. : B

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