It’s been quite a while since I’ve been on. I am currently in pre-production for my third short film entitled SLEEP. The film is about the choices a child must make upon the most tragic discovery of his young life. SLEEP deals with themes of death, brotherhood, and the coming of age. I’m being reminded of how much of a headache film production could be. Some invisible presence came to me one night as I lay in a dark basement apartment. That presence whispered in my ear to write a story involving two young kids as the force behind the vehicle. Half a year later, I finalized a script and a hatred for that godforsaken creative spirit that has me on the line to work with child actors. Many people consider working with children as a big ‘NO, NO’ in the industry. I haven’t even cast yet and I’m already tired. Anyhoo, the story must go on. At least that’s what Big Southwest said when he insisted I go on with the short that I’d written. He agreed to executive produce by putting down the first investment and working as the assistant director.

I am currently a little under two months away from production. The prospective shooting dates are December 9-11. The three most important things that must get down are casting the film, finding the right location and raising the money. Unfortunately, not having all three of those goals completed will tank the production. I have a couple of leads on the location. I met a very nice guy named Matt Leiderman who grew interest in my script and decided to sign on to line produce after having met me in a coffee in Williamsburg. Turns out, Matt and I had worked together on a Ghostface Killah music video a couple of months back under producer Alon Simcha. Matt’s been working hard on budgeting and SAG paperwork. Having a producer that wants to help with all hands in and is interested in seeing the project to fruition is a complete blessing from God. I had spent a month looking for one and Matt came through after Alon referred him. I also have to thank Alon for helping with that as well.

After getting a producer, a young lady by the name of Daryl Eisenberg responded to an ad I placed on Craigslist requesting the assistance of a casting director. We met and I discovered that she had done casting with Gossip Girl and was also a NYU alumnus. That is always a plus seeing that I am also a Tisch alum. She seems very thorough and I’m excited to see what will come from her hard work. Director of Photography Matt Mitchell was excited about working with me again. We collaborated on my last short film, Underbelly, and the both of us have grown so much since then. I met with Matt last night and we discussed style and some of the framing that we felt fit the mood of the script. After that, we skimmed through the most important beats of the story and found moments that beckoned for specific attention. Mitchell is great. Coming off of Tahir Jetter’s short film, the fire within him was reignited for creating visuals again. We met at a bar in Crown Heights and spent two hours discussing the characters and scenes over some good brew. After speaking with him, I got an even more tighter grip on what I was trying to say with this project.

Just wanted to bring you all into what’s going on with my life at this point. I’m very excited about this short film. And very nervous. And frightened. I want to do such a good job and I have the belief of so many people. I’m out to make myself proud as well as my friends and family. Liana George designed the titling and is hard at work designing my personal website. There is a lot of work happening behind the scenes. I’ll try my best to keep you all updated. As always…

“Stay Crunchy and Milk” ~ Preachermann

– DConley


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  1. Taina · October 19, 2011

    I don’t know if this is a rude thing to ask or not, but what’s your budget looking like? And what’s the time frame for a short film anyway? (Meaning, how long is an average short film?)

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