I’ve had one set of auditions this past Wednesday. There are so many talented kids in New York City. Seeing that made me remember the time I spent on the Speech Team and Theater Troupe. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of performing. I feel bad that I can’t cast each talented kid but seeing them all allowed for the creative juices to start flowing.

I released the kickstarter campaign. Peep the donation video below. It’s one of the most honest moments I’ve ever had when commenting on the death of my older brother. I’ve never had to talk about how that moment affected in front of group of people before and that was extremely hard. The death is so personal and I am normally pretty reserved. But alas, the emotional work is paying off.

I am on a campaign to raise $4,000 by the 29th of November. This is a difficult feat that I have full faith will be accomplished. I believe in myself and I believe in all of you. Most importantly, I believe that God will take care of my aspirations. With that, I give you the donation link. Please click HERE to donate to SLEEP. Donate what you can. Tell whoever you can. Please help me bring this emotional story to fruition.

Thank you.


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