Kicked the Goal on Kickstarter…GOOD!!!

I DID IT!!! With the help of 55 donations and countless others who spread the word, I was able to reach my $4,000 Kickstarter pledges in one month of fundraising. ONE MONTH!!! I thought that I’d be distributing the white flag about week before the deadline when something told me to keep pushing. Come up with a different game plan and I did. With the help of those that spread the word tirelessly and those that were able to give, I even received more than the goal I placed for myself. The supportive response was amazing. I could not have asked for a better end to an emotional November.

The Contributors (not in any order):
Casta Guillaume
Mary Plumb
Melanie Greenberg
Danielle Hester
Zack Ackers
Taina Elisabeth Sanon
Crystal Chance
Peggy Chance
Jasmine Porter
Keith Davis
Billy Carson Jr.
Ledora Carson
A.J. Muhammad
John Daigle
Tanya Booker
Shamekia Wiggins
Yolanda Scott
Zishaan Farooqui
Lila Yuen
Paula Eiselt
Patti Pearson
Eric Lockley
Trakena Prevost
Stephanie Wash
Stephanie Alvarado
Rodney Parnther (CEI Media Partners LLC)
Joan Douglas
Nathaniel J.
Jessica Felix
Tahir Jetter
Kevin Clark
Zenobia Faussett
Kion Burt
Darius Clark Monroe
Jessica Berry
Casey Moore
Rachel J.
Max Young
Rosemary Moore
Tayatta Cummings
Kimberly Young
Afiya Edwards
Lindsey Conley (SIS)
Carolina Escalera
Lonzyo Holcomb Jr.
Chanel Carroll
Bryan Riedel
Thelma Boamah
Dave Konkol
Gail Purkey
Aldous Davidson
David Mitchell
MY LOVING PARENTS (Donnie and Joanie Conley)

Thank you to all that were involved in the success of this funding campaign for SLEEP. You will not be forgotten. I am indebted. Call me out on a favor. PLEASE!

Peace and Soul


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