Spring Breakers

This film was a huge “WTF” experience. Spring Breakers, directed by Harmony Korine, stars James Franco, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine. And not to mention…Gucci Mane. If you could imagine taking acid and going to the movies to watch visual poetry glued together by contrived plot points and a lot of breasts and butt cheeks, then that is Spring Breakers in a nutshell. The interesting thing is there is so much to say about the message behind the movie, but as far as executing a solid story, Harmony sort of fails in the most esoteric way. I’ll tell you this though, I’d be lying if I told you that I did not have a full blown experience, whether I liked the film or not.

After watching Spring Breakers, I held a discussion with a friend of mine about the appropriation of Hip-Hop culture. It seems that Harmony is giving you his opinion on the youthful obsession of chasing thrills. The idea of kids being dissatisfied with the lives that their parents may have or may have not provided for them, and so they go in search of the highs in life. For some with great futures ahead of them, there is only so much time to meet a certain euphoric excitement in life before it all becomes mundane and predictable. Make money, spend money. Those desires drive thousands of sex crazed young adults to sandy beaches during breaks from their every day constraints.

Outside of that, there’s an obsession to experience the gangster’s paradise. The delinquent that lies dormant in most every single American youth wishes to be free enough, and wild enough to live life by the edge of his or her fingernails. Before the Hip-Hop gangster, there was the teenage rebel, the mafia made man, the western cowboy. The interesting thing about the Hip-Hop gangster is that not everyone can identify because not everyone belongs. Yet, everyone listens, making Hip-Hop culture the most profitable form of artistic expression as of current. The women in Spring Breakers are obsessed with a crime that they’ve committed. They find it impossible to get over themselves. They are post modern heroes; they are four young Caucasian women that wielded guns, got money, did drugs and ultimately, fully realizing their fantasies by embarking on a murderous journey. Not in the sense of the type of violence that matches well with their reality, but illogical gun battles that pays tribute to movies like Scarface or Rambo. These being the same influences of Gangster Rap reveries. Furthermore, Alien, played by James Franco, desires to be the “Don Juan Quixote” of Florida. He has a silly beef with former best friend, Archie played by Gucci Mane. The beef is justified only with Alien’s desire to step out of Archie’s shadow, putting down the second fiddle in exchange for the throne. He wants to be better than Archie. He believes he’s invincible by continually demanding that you look at “All his shit.” He’s rapper by day, and real gangster by always. He has the most guns. He has the most money. He has the most sex appeal. He has the biggest dick. These are all fantasies. And in the end, the “White Rabbit” always leads one down a hole that’s too steep to climb out of. Basically, everything that occurs in this movie would ONLY occur in this movie. And other movies alike. NEVER in real life. The heroes in this film know better.

This is definitely a movie with a textbook thesis. The problem is that it is completely retarded and silly. It slimly beats out Pink Floyd: The Wall as being the longest music video in history. Literally, the music rarely stops playing, if ever. All I remember is nudity, guns and music. And about an hour of neverending James Franco dialogue, albeit great dialogue. In fact, there is no movie without James Franco’s performance. It’s a complete dud without him. God bless Franco. I would literally recommend Spring Breakers just to see James Franco play the Hell out of this character. And if you’re a man or chauvinist lesbian, maybe I’d recommend for the breasts and booty. I was actually astonished that there was no male nudity. If women ever had a complaint about the lack of male nudity in Hollywood, this movie would indict the entire industry. And listen, the ending sequence was straight up silliness. It totally throws off everything that preceded it. No matter how confused I was about where the director was taking me, I at least felt this was some form of a semi-real world. Surreal world or what have you. But when the film ended, I left my seat scratching my head and attempting to avoid an audience that appeared riotous.


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