Stray Dogs

Watch this quirky and very tight short film directed by Minka Farthing-Kohl.  This film reminds me of the epic appeal of simplicity.  One location.  An intersection in some industrial part of Brooklyn, NY.  Four actors.  Amazing cinematography and a clear vision.  Stray Dogs, for me, feels like a comment on how surreal living in NYC could actually get.  Any mundane moment has the potential of being grandiose.

Check out this write up by blogger, Katie Metcalfe:

The performances bring a great mix of familiarity and eccentricity and they communicate as much through nuance and facial expression as they do with dialogue. To me, Stray Dogs feels like many films I’ve seen before, yet completely original at the same time. Within seven minutes, the director succeeds in leading us seamlessly from the completely banal to the utterly bizarre and unthinkable.


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